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Orquesta Barroca History

(Artistic Director: Pilar Montoya)

The Orquesta Barroca del Conservatorio Superior de Salamanca, a project within the Department of Ancient Music, was created in 1999 as a group specializing in Baroque and Classical repertoire, due to the need of students to train in these styles.

Since its inception and on an ongoing basis, each course offer programs that complement the training activities for young people, giving them the opportunity to face the professional experience of live performance and present to the public the work that the Orchestra is doing.

Its objectives include not only to deepen with historical vision in this fundamental period of the history of music, but also strike a balance between theory and practice vocal-instrumental with the active participation of teachers and students from different specialties with the consequent artistic enrichment.

The fact that its members were students at the center exclusively gives the project an added value, as it keeps alive the approach of an orchestra by and for the student. Thus the high level of quality that the orchestra has been showing in his trajectory, without have the original instruments required for the project, is due to dynamism and energy of its director, effort and interest of students and the indispensable figure of specialists in baroque string, until now role played by the Professors, Arancha Montoya, Isabel Serrano and Antoine Ladrette.

Its repertoire includes a large number of works from different periods and styles within the rich musical legacy of the XVII and XVIII centuries. Note the representation in 2007 Handel's opera "Alcina" in collaboration with the Opera Workshop and the choir L'Stigia with great success by the public and critics. This project was the first global experience in the Conservatory with the participation of nearly one hundred students from solo singers, actors, choir and orchestra.

This project serves the city's cultural events closely with actual musical entities: Conservatory (final exams, awards, major collaborative projects with other Departments, etc.) Archive of the Cathedral (recovery of unpublished works of Maestros de Capilla), Cycles and Festivals, theatrical staging, etc...

The Conservatorio Superior de Salamanca, a pioneer in Spain in having a group of its kind, supports the initiative. This facilitates the exchange of activities between different Departments, also promoting relations with other similar centers, both national and foreign.

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