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Current Events and Performances

Program for 2012-2013


I Taller-Simposio de Música Iberoamericana de la 2ª mitad del siglo XVIII. Workshops, Concerts, and Symposium. Universidades de Salamanca and Amazonas. Conservatorio Superior de Salamanca.

“IV Jornadas de Música Antigua” around the figure of Juan Cabanilles in 300 Anniversary of his death. Ciclos de Conferencias, Conciertos y Master-Classes a cargo de Profesores y Alumnos de distintas especialidades de los Departamentos de Música Antigua y Musicología del Conservatorio Superior de Salamanca. Cycles of conferences, concerts and master classes by teachers and students of different specialties from the Departments of Early Music and Musicology at the Conservatory of Salamanca.


March 2013

First Program of the Baroque Orchestra. Doyagüe Miserere. Cathedral of Salamanca.


May 2013

Second Program of the Baroque Orchestra. Doyagüe Te Deum. Cathedral of Salamanca.

Harpsichord Course by Professor Joao de Janeiro. ERASMUS exchange program.

Public performance of selected Contredanses. Joint Activity between the Historical Dance Workshop and the Department of Ethnomusicology.

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