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The Contemporary Music Workshop at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Salamanca was born in 1999 with the purpose of making more accessible to students the corpus of music written between the middle of the (already) past century and today. During the past ten years, the Workshop has tried to offer a balanced program consisting of theory classes (including seminars focused on the analysis of works written during the XX Century, often with the aid of the composer) and practical activities such as regular concerts performed by student instrumental groups. These concerts have featured works written by well known composers, as well as young Spanish and European composers. One of the foremost concerns during these years has been the collaboration with the Conservatory’s composition department, premiering at least one student’s work every year.

The instrumental group involved in the Workshop varies each year, but it always requires the presence of most of the Conservatory’s students, many of whom already have ample experience in some important Spanish orchestras. Presently the group includes close to one hundred students, which ensures the presence of all orchestral instruments. The repertory performed includes works by significant XX Century composers such as Varèse, Stravinsky, Boulez, Messiaen, Feldman, Lutoslawski, Crumb, Takemitsu, Kúrtag, Romitelli, Scelsi, Grisey, Saarahio, Birtwistle, Rihm, Benjamin, Ligeti, Matsushita, Lindberg, Hosokawa, or Berio, in addition to music written by important Spanish composers such as Halffter, De Pablo, López López, Gombau, Camarero, Rueda, or Verdú. The group has performed under the guidance of prominent conductors such as Zsolt Nagy, Wolfgang Lischke, José de Eusebio, Jean-Paul Dessy, José Luis Temes, Kevin John Edusei, Fabián Panisello or Javier Castro.


The Contemporary Music Workshop has issued a CD with the label Verso, dedicated to the ensemble music written by Gerardo Gombau, and it has made several recordings for the National Spanish Radio (RNE).


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