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The Piano Department faculty is comprised of a number of renowned musicians of diverse backgrounds and personalities, all with the common goal of nurturing their students´ artistic development in an environment which aims toward an encompassing aesthetic education.

The Department is known to be exceptionally active, promoting an exchange of ideas and knowledge which, while maintaining an intense and motivational student-teacher relationship, at the same time cultivates a highly favorable atmosphere for faculty members and the for the student group as a whole.

The approach to repertoire is extensive and demanding: from traditional classical repertoire - paying careful attention to the study of historical performance practice adapted to the modern instrument- to contemporary music. An emphasis is made not only on this latter field, but also on the subjects of Chamber Music and Piano Concerto Repertoire. Further specialization in other areas, such as vocal accompaniment or jazz, is also offered.

As a result of this work, which is supported by numerous courses and master classes held at the Conservatory each year, and accompanied by the excellent conditions of the practice and rehearsal facilities, (two model-D Steinways in the main Concert Hall), many students who finalize their studies in the department are accepted as graduate students in many of the most prestigious schools throughout Europe and America.

Alumni are currently proving Salamanca Conservatory standards by assuming roles in different areas of performance, composition, conducting, and music management; as well as teaching—specialty with a wide representation of graduates who are now playing important roles as educators in many Professional Conservatories throughout the different regions of Spain, as well as in other European and American cities.


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