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The degree in Musicology at the CSMS is oriented towards research, analysis, and performance of music, and is compatible with other departmental degrees.  In recent years, the Musicology department has made a special effort to allow students the possibility to design their own double degree program, combining Musicology with their main instrument, voice, composition, or ethnomusicology specialties. This perspective has been adopted from the firm belief that the musical preparation of a performer should also include specialized knowledge in historic, stylistic and musical aesthetic issues; and that the modern-day musicologist may also make wide use of composition and performance skills.


The undergraduate degree in Musicology at the CSMS is a comprehensive 4 year program, structured in two main branches of study which include core requirements and specialized courses.  Among the specialized courses, the CSMS offers a program which covers a wide range of classes distributed in 4 principal areas of study:


  • Theoretical musicological training (music history, musical aesthetics)
  • Methodology and Research (archive and library sciences, historical source studies, criticism and reviewing, research methodology, etc.)
  • Notation, transcription and interpretation of musical documents (notation, musical analysis, etc.)
  • Musical technology (organology, applied computer sciences, etc.)


These essential branches are complemented by a wide range of individual and group performance courses. The CSMS Musicology degree culminates in an individual research project which acquires special significance for subsequent student professionalization.

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