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The flute major in the Salamanca Conservatory is a free and dynamic specialization, enriched by experiences with visiting artists. In recent years, the department has received visits and master-classes from such prestigious flutists as Magdalena Martínez, Aniela Frey, Robert Win, Julia Galle- go, Clara Andrada, and Emmanuel Pahud, among others.

An emphasis has been placed on the students´ advancement, where control and technical rigor are achieved without compromising musicality. Students are constantly being up-dated on current trends and are individually prepared for their future as professional performers. In a relaxed atmosphere, goals are established in order to enable students to grow as human beings as well as musicians.

We conseder it essential to go through the whole range of techniques in order to correct basic faults, as indispensable thing while approaching a superior level in a satisfactory way. Students will have to practise continuously with discipline and intense control, as well as flexibility in particular parts of the body. To obtain this result, our focus will be on anatomy an physiology, in order to achieve a playing technique as virtously and relazed as possible, always Keeling in view the personal and individual abilities of the student.

At the same time, regarding artistic aspects, we will use hitorical instruments in order to achieve a better understanding of different ways of interpretation within the range of flute literature.

Individual and group classes are combined, for accomplishment in standard repertories; as well as experiences in important contemporary works.

Students are provided with a series of professional contacts with teachers and artists from other musical institutions, and they are encouraged to be musically active and creative.



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