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“Arte is recognized in places where, through the aesthetic experience, we are reminded of our possibilities as creatures provided with spirit. Art has to do with the necessity to transit our own limits.”

Helmut Lachenmann

Music is the center of our activity.

The musical score is the protagonist of our Room, and the concert is its ultimation in contact with the audience, by means of listening open to analysis, along with a strictly musical sensibility.

We search for the origin of the score by means of analysis, swimming through its notes until we are eventually able to reach its essence.

If we ask ourselves if the score and its performance is a product of teaching, or rather an attitude before the world, we may perhaps postulate for the latter, positioning ourselves before the true dimension of Music.

Our classes are active, participative, and charged with energy because we understand Art as a creative act, as an experience in sensibility, as an exploration of new sonic territories.


Our objectives


Train the student in the understanding and performance of the works most representative of each musical period and style, in order to achieve an integral preparation in all musical manifestations where the saxophone has played a role.

Train the student to be able to reach the independence necessary for the performance of works from any repertory inherent to the specialization, providing all the information necessary for this goal.

Develop and deepen awareness of all the different sonic possibilities offered by the instrument in its many parameters, advancing in the contemporary repertory.

Understand and value the specialization as interrelated to the rest of the artistic manifestations existent in European culture, allowing for a global vision of music, which leads us to feel a part of a socio-cultural community.

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