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Chorus Description


The Conservatorio Superior de Salamanca has three choirs: the Symphonic Choir, Women’s Choir, and Chamber Choir, that annually offer a series of concerts inside and outside of the conservatory. Additionally, there is a Choral Conducting Choir, aimed at students interested in choral music in general and the practice of choral conducting in particular. It is the instrument through which students practice the basic aspects of the art of conducting.

The choirs perform several a capella concerts each year and collaborate frequently with the various workshops and projects of the center itself, such as the Symphony Orchestra, Contemporary Music Workshop, Baroque Orchestra, Opera Workshop, etc., as well as with some of their own departments like ethnomusicology, piano, musicology and composition, among others. In fact, one of the main objectives of the choir is to showcase and promote the creative works of the composition students and do so, by annually dedicating a concert to release them.

Over the years, the choir has collaborated with several NGOs (Manos Unidas, Aspace) by performing benefit concerts, and participates actively in the cultural life of the city, performing in venues in Salamanca such as Hospedería de Fonseca, Casino, CAEM, Symphony Hall of the Conservatory and several churches.


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